NORTON -- It was a sea of red socks at Norton Middle School as students fashioned the brightly colored footwear Friday to show support for those impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings.

According to Principal Joyce Gerber, all students were encouraged to wear red socks for their special "RED SOX" day.

"As the events unrolled this week we spoke to the student body about the hate that was the catalyst to the bombing in Boston," Gerber wrote to us in an e-mail. "We shared with the students that hate takes many forms with the worst results being that which wewitnessed at the Boston Marathon."

Some forms of hate, the students were taught, include excluding a peer from the lunch table, a nasty post on Facebook or mean-spirited gossip.

"The staff challenged the student body to share lunch with someone they hadn't before," Gerber continues. "The staff challenged the students to learn about other cultures and understandindividuals are hateful not an entire race or culture.The staff challenged the student body to be the generationto end meaninglesshateful behavior."