CLEVELAND -- Lights, camera, action. The first day of a two-day casting call git underway Friday for Marvel's next feature film.

It drew aspiring actors from far and wide to the Tri-C Metro campus.

A line stretching nearly two football fields in length could be seen winding along Woodland Avenue as people anxious to catch a break on the big screen braved the elements.

The average wait just to get in the door was three hours, with manymovie buffs traveling from out-of-state and skipping work for auditions.

Talent scouts were looking for people to fill both speaking and non-speaking roles.

The unnamed film is rumored to be a sequel to the blockbuster hit "Captain America"and is set to begin filming over the next couple of weeks.

The casting call for PAID extras continues Saturday.

  • Filming will be in May and June
  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday
  • Ages 18 & over only.
  • If your children 9 & over are interested in being extras, parents please bring CURRENT, casual snapshot. NO minors at casting call please!
  • Please bring a pen for application, photos will be taken at no charge! (Business attire preferred, please be well groomed for picture!)
  • Come to the Metro Campus Cuyahoga Community College buildingUTC/Room 229 at 2415 Woodland Avenue in Cleveland.

For more information about this and other filming in Cleveland, go to the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.