CLEVELAND -- What was the motive in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings?

A possible connection to the bombing suspects' Chechen heritage is getting lots of media and investigative attention.

"I suspect this was directed to the Russian contingent in America," said Dr. Boris Vinogradsky, a local Russian/American community leader.

Chechnya has fought three losing wars for independence with Russia.

There's an uneasy peace now. But the history between Russia and Chechnya has been full of abusive treatment and violence.

Vinogradsky said,"Stalin took the entire Chechen people and loaded them on cattle wagons and shipped them to Siberia."

He says there is lots of lingering bad blood between Chechens and Russians.

"If you insult one of them, they can kill you. The entire village will come out to hunt you down. They are like Italians. They have the vendetta," he said.

At Case Western Reserve University, two experts urged the media to avoid speculation until more facts are in.

Associate Dean for Global Legal Studies Michael Scharf, said, "If the two came from Chechnya and this was involving the situation between Chechnya and Russia, this would be the first time that conflict had spilled over outside of Russia."

Associate Political Science Professor Kelly McMann agreed.

"It's hard to know what the most important factors on themcould be. It's possible it has something to with their Chechen identity or just pride in being Chechen and nothing to do with anti-Americanism," she said.