AKRON -- Police investigators are trying to determine who shot and killed four young adults in an apartment on Thursday.

Friday, the medical examiner identified the shooting victims as 24-year-old Ronald Roberts, 23-year-old Kem Delaney, 19-year-old Maria Nash, and 19-year-old Kiana Welch.

All four were discovered dead in an apartment on Kimlyn Place.

The killings are the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th murders in the area since the beginning of April.

Police have no suspects in the case to date.

Friday night the friends and family of Maria Nash gathered at Garfield High School for a prayer vigil. Nash graduated from GHS in 2011.

Nash's aunt says her niece was hanging out with the wrong people, and didn't deserve to be killed.

"Do you think she got up yesterday and was like, 'Today is my last day. No. Tomorrow is not promised to none of y'all'," said Maria's aunt.

Teachers at the vigil described Maria as a beautiful person, with a great smile; someone who was nice to every one of her classmates.

"Maria was everything to us," said her cousin.

The local group, "Stop the Violence Akron" helped organize the gathering.

Tameika Pearson formed the group in 2011, when her own God daughter was killed in an act of violence.

"We need to unify and quit turning our faces away, and stand up. And speak out when things are happening," said Pearson.

A strong message at the vigil was one of encouragement to the young mourners.

Adults told the crowd, the future was in their hands, and not to meet violence with violence; but to rise above it.

"I knowyou all are young and you think you know everything. But you don't. If that was the case, my baby would stillbe alive," said Maria's aunt.

Akron Police say they are working on the case non-stop, but need the public's help gathering information.

For community members asking themselves what they can do to help stop the violence, police say a good resource is the Akron Victim's Assistance Program.

Not only does the program help people directly impacted by violence, they provide crisis intervention and counseling.

A 24 hour hotline can be reached at: 330-376-0040.