Since the affidavit was released, code words like "cost plussing, manwell, and jacking the discount" have come to light.

What exactly do these phrases mean to the general public?

Everyone who drives needs gas on a regular basis. So let's say a gas station close to you offered a deal. For every 350 gallons of gas you bought from them, they'd give you 5 percent of what you spent in a rebate.

The check eventually comes in the mail. You'd be happy with the extra money and move on to your everyday life. But what if they only gave you 3 or 4 percent? Would you ever catch on?

That's what the FBI and IRS are asserting Pilot Flying J has done, in a sense, to trucking companies, just on a much larger scale.

Truckers say they sometimes drive upwards of 700 miles, spending hundreds on gas a day.

The rebate fraud Pilot Flying J is being investigated for involves millions of dollars and, although the similar scenario to you may be just worth a few bucks, it all comes down to the same thing. It's allegedly taking advantage of someone's trust.

Greg Smith, truck driver for over 30 years said, "They're decent and honest people. They're not going to screw us."