Ohio Republicans will pick the new number one face and voice for their party April 26.

The favorite, endorsed by state officeholders including the governor, is Matt Borges, the party's current executive director.

But a late challenge by Tea Partier Tom Zawistowski, from Kent, is creating noise and debate.

Zawistowski argues mainstay Republicans are out of touch with and alienating the party's conservative base.

Ed FitzGerald should make it offical this week. He is running for Governor.

The party's ticket faces an uphill battle against Republican incumbents so what should his message be?

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty and Attorney General Mike DeWine teamed up to closed down six internet cafes, vowing to put them all out of business.

Should they be this aggressive in enforcing the law against illegal gambling voters never approved?

Or should they let state lawmakers find a way to regulate faces?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Cuyahoga County Democratic Vice Chairman Blaine Griffin and Plain Dealer columnnist Kevin O'Brien on this edition of Between the Lines.

GOP Chairman candidateTom Zawistowski is a guest.

Candidate Matt Borges declined to participate because of a family commitment.