CLEVELAND -- Its pointed horns have become a well-known symbol at the West Side Market for the last 50 years.

On Sunday, the steer head was once again placed over Foster's Meats stand, which has been closed for three months since a fire swept through the West Side Market earlier this year.

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The owner of Foster's Meats says he will finally be re-opening Wednesday, adding he's glad to hang this symbol back in its rightful place.

"It's just a staple of the market," Brian Foster says of the steer head. "It's been here longer than most vendors down here, and people come and take pictures under it. When weddings come through, they make sure they take a picture by it. It's just a staple of the market."

Back on Jan. 30, a fire sparked began near Foster's Meats and Sebastian's Meats, igniting a temporary closure of the entire facility until most stands re-opened on Feb. 18.

"Being out of work was not fun, so it's going to be great to be back," Foster says.

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