U.S. Rep. David Joyce is Northeast Ohio's newest Congressman.

Republican Joyce represents the 14th District, which includes all or parts of Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage, Cuyahoga, Summit and Trumbull counties.

He is the former Geauga County prosecutor.

What are his thoughts about his role in Congress? Does he feel comfortable and connected?

Some of the issues he's involved with include a bipartisan bill to get funding for abandoned buildings, urging the federal government to be more aggressive in protecting Lake Erie from the Asian Carp threat and repealing an Obamacare tax on medical device manufacturers.

Do any of those have a chance of passing?

What are his thoughts about gun control measures, including background checks?

What does he think about efforts to Reform the Republican Party?

Democrats view him as vulnerable. How is he preparing to retain his seat ?

Tom Beres, Democratic formerShaker Heights Mayor Judy Rawson and Republican former State Representative Matt Dolan discuss these issues withJoyce on this edition of Between the Lines.