CLEVELAND-- On Monday, Cleveland City Council voted to give the green light to more than two dozen new red light cameras.

The new legislation passed with three dissenting votes, among them Councilman Zach Reed of Ward 2.

"The concept that I agreed to initially was centered around safety now it has turned into a revenue producing item and that's not what I signed up for," explained Reed. "The vast majority are on the east side of Cleveland... are the worst streets on the east side? The worst intersections? We don't even have a concept of what we're doing with these red light cameras."

However Councilman Tony Brancatelli who represents Ward 12 believes the cameras deter reckless driving.

"I can speak first hand at the intersection of Broadway and Warner Road that we have had a significant number of folks who were speeding through that intersection and that is a very, very, busy intersection for pedestrian traffic," said Brancatelli. "The cameras do not generate a penny when people do not speed, when they don't run red lights it does not produce a nickel, it only produces money when people break the law."

However the new city cameras may soon be a moot point if the Ohio House and Senate approve a new bill which bans the use of these traffic cameras statewide. That bill is now up for review with the House Transportation Committee.