CLEVELAND -- The directors behind the latest Marvel blockbuster to film in town, Joe and Anthony Russo, have strongCleveland ties.

The brothers, just one year apart in age,grew uponCleveland's east side.

They attended Our Lady of Peace, then went on toBenedictine High School.

Both studied at Case Western Reserve University: Joe, theater, and Anthony, law.

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Their parents, Basil and Pat Russo, are proud of their sons' accomplishments in the movie industry over the last two decades.

"We've always tried to encourage our children to pursue careers that excite them," said the Russos.

Basil can still remember the day his son told him he didn't want to be a lawyer; he wanted to work in film.

"They both came to me and said, 'Dad we need to talk to you.' They were nervous. Anthony says, 'Dad, I'm dropping out of law school.' I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'Joe and I are going to become filmmakers,'" Basil recalls.

"They may as well have told me they were going to become astronauts because they didn't have any training and just caught us cold," Basil said.

Pat says she and her husband always tried to nurture their children's creativity.

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Anthony and Joe have two younger sisters: Angela, awriter, andGabrielle, an attorney like their father.

"We did a lot with them that involved the arts as they were growing up. We were at the museums constantly. The Cleveland Heights Youth Theater," Pat said.

Once the brothers had a dream, their parents helped make it happen.

The Russos produced Joe and Anthony's first small film, "Pieces," in Cleveland in 1995.

The film got them noticed by Hollywood, which led to more partnerships with bigger names.

Then came "Welcome to Collinwood," also shot in Cleveland.

"They brought those films here because they have a very strong attachment to Cleveland. They were educated here. Have friends and family here. Grew up here. The city means a lot to them," said their parents.

Then "You, Me and Dupree."

The brothers won an Emmy award for the pilot episode of "Arrested Development" and went on to work on shows like "Community" and "Happy Endings."

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is the biggest film made to date in Ohio, in terms of money and time spent in the Buckeye State.

But the Russos were making movies here long before tax incentives turned Hollywood heads to Cleveland.

Now, with the Russo Brothers back on set in Northeast Ohio, the proud parents can simply sit back and watch.

"I think we take greater joy out of the fact that they're wonderful husbands and fathers. That is their primary commitment in life," said Basil Russo.