FAIRVIEW PARK -- This is tornado season in Ohio and schools are practicing mandated tornado drills.

At Fairview Park Schools, the district, like so many today, are reevaluating their plans for tornadoes to see if they need to make any updates.

"It just hits you in the stomach when something like this happens," says Superintendent Brion Deitsch, "we are all taking a closer look at our plans."

It is mandated by state law that schools conduct tornado drills at least once a month during tornado season from April to July.

The advice is to go interior areas, ground floor, andaway from windows

Stay away from large open rooms. Modular classrooms are not safe to stay in. Plan for students with disabilities to have extra time.

School bus drivers should look for protected areas on their routes, maybe a business, another school or ditches, but don't stay on the bus or go under a bridge or try to outrun a tornado.