NORTHEAST OHIO -- Several organizations and individuals are headed south to help with the cleanup efforts in Moore, Okla., in the wake of the devastating May 20 tornado.

Stephanie Crowl-Linza is a Conneautnativeliving in Moore.

She and her husband sheltered in a closet with their three children. While their home was spared, many of their friends and neighbors lost everything.

Stephanie's church,Love and Justice Church ( has become a center of help in the community.

The church has opened its doors, taking in people who lost their homes.

The Mobile Med One Foundation packed up a trailer full of 20 hospital beds and three weeks' worth of triage supplies.

They'll meet up with doctors on the scene Wednesday afternoon.

Cofounder Zac Ponsky says he's already been in touch with FEMA and Health and Human Services in the region.

The Inglesia De Dios congregations in Lorain and Cleveland are collecting supplies through this week.

Next week, Pastor Angel Arroyo and other members will head to the disaster to distribute aid.

Donations of cleaning supplies, cases of water, non-perishable food, diapers and monetary gifts can be dropped off at:

Inglesia De Dios Ebenezer, 3660 Globe Ave., Lorain.

Inglesia De Dios Primitiva, 913 College Ave., Cleveland.

For information on how to help, call (440) 258-3023.