CLEVELAND --In between boarded up buildings and vacant lots, there's a new kind of "green space" on the east side of Cleveland -- a vineyard.

Chateau Hough is nestled at the corner of Eat 66th Street and Hough Avenue.

The man and activist behind the "non-profit project" says he had little experience with wine, other than drinking it. Now Mansfield Frazier is expertly tending the grapes, and cultivating a real sense of pride and community.

Frazier, CEO of Chateau Hough, is nothing if not savvy.

He's also a longtime Hough resident who spent some time in prison before realizing that his true calling lay in grapes -- the fermented sort.

"A few years ago, the city of Cleveland put half a million dollars toward vacant land reuse. Frazier applied, and received $18,000 for this project."

With 8,000 vacant and abandoned buildings in Cuyahoga County, Frazier hopes his three-quarter acre garden can be duplicated many times over.

"We think we can help make Cleveland a better place."

The vineyard produces about 2,000 bottles a year.