CLEVELAND -- To call Max Meyerson a "fan" of Cleveland would be like saying his favorite athlete, Kyrie Irving, is "pretty good" at basketball.

15-year-old Max, a StrongsvilleHigh School student,is a devotee of everything Cleveland.

From his room painted in Cavs' wine and gold colors to his vast collection of Cleveland T-shirts, Max openly displays his love for his hometown.

But he wanted to take his commitment one step further by making a permanent change. So, for this 15th birthday, Max asked his parents if he could swap his middle name "Jacob" for a more meaningful moniker.

"So I said, 'What if I change my name to Cleveland?'"

To his surprise, Max's parents agreed. It took some paperwork and legal expertise -- a family friend who is a lawyer helped out with that --but, in the end, it was worth it for Max.

"Anything to show that Cleveland really is a part of me and really is what I love and enjoy most."

His middle name change was official Thursday.

Max aspires to be a sports reporter in Cleveland.