Phoenix, AZ - A high school student in Arizona says he found a worm in a sausage McMuffin.

A picture that Derick Holt took and posted to Facebook and Twitter has spread across the internet. Holt says he noticed something in his food after taking a bite.

"I looked down at my food and saw something that looked like a vein of fat and so I pulled on it and just kept coming and coming out and then it snapped into my finger and then there was half of a worm." Said Holt.

Holt went to the manager but was told it wasn't a worm. The restaurant manager told him that it was a bone and that this sort of thing happens all the time.

Holt was offered a few free meal coupons but he said he will not go eating McDonald's anymore.

The manager confiscated the object that was in the food and now its being processed at a distribution center to determine what it was.

McDonald's released this statement.

"Rest assured we take these matters very seriously. Providing safe food and beverages is a top priority at my restaurant. We took immediate action to gather the facts and begin an investigation into the matter. Until we have completed our investigation, it would be inappropriate to speculate further."

Since he took that bite Derrick was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, a stomach virus.

He's also awaiting the results of a parasite test.