MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP -- Police say Luke Pfeiler, of Brunswick, was the driver of the Toyota early Thursdaymorning that crashed into a township road department service vehicle on Windfall Road and state Route 18 here in Medina County.

They say that Pfeiler and his girlfriend were involved in a dispute, which prompted Pfeiler into sneak to her home and break into her car. After taking a few things and damaging the transmission, he left.

The girlfriend reported everything to police, who set up the return of the stolen items.

Police made atraffic stop on Montville Drive at 8:03 a.m.Thesuspect vehicle initially stopped and, once the officer exited his cruiser, the vehicle drove off south on Montville Drive before turning west on Stonebrooke Lane.

The suspect entered a cul-de-sac and began traveling eastbound back towards Montville Drive. Once on Montville Drive, the pursuit headed north towards Rte 18.

The suspect turned east onto Rte 18 and failed to stop at the red light on Rte 18 and Windfall Road at 8:07 a.m.

The suspect's vehicle was struck by a Montville Township Service Department vehicle driven by Road Superintendent Dennis Clapper.

Clapper had a green light and was turning south onto Windfall Road.

There was information provided by the suspect's ex-girlfriend thatPfeiler had intentions of committing "suicide by cop" and had a black BB gun. Police found it in his car.

Clapper was taken to Akron General Medical centerand is in fair condition. Pfeiler was taken by LifeFlight to MetroHealth Medical Center where he is listed in good condition.

Pfeiler's girlfriend told police that he'd talked about "suicide by cop" in the past.