CLEVELAND -- The family of a missing woman fears the worst, after a body is discovered Tuesday morning.

Ashley Leszyeski was last seen in the area of East 93rd Street and Heath, nearly three weeks ago. Tuesday morning, the body of a white woman was discovered in a field on East 93rd and Anderson Avenue.

Police say the person had been deceased for some time. The news of the discovery shredded the hope Ashley's family held, that she'd return home alive. "It's a horrible thing. I always wondered what parents thought when their kids were missing. It crushes that part of your heart," said Joyce Leszyeski, Ashley's mother.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner is working to identify the body discovered, and Ashley's family is waiting to hear what those results will be. "Deep down inside my heart, I think it's my daughter. I will make sure whoever did this goes to jail," said Joyce.

The Leszyeski family has suspicions about who may be behind Ashley's disappearance, but they're working with police every step of the way on the case.

For weeks, the 21-year-old's family handed out posters and emailed pictures to the local media, in the hope of someone recognizing the missing girl.

Ashley Leszyeski has two young children, and her family says it would not be like her to abandon them.

The body discovered is the third incident of a woman discovered dead in the area of East 93rd in the last two months. Both Jasmine Trotter and Christine Malone were murdered in the same neighborhood.

The charges were recently dropped against the suspect accused of aggravated murder in Trotter's case, on the condition that he can be charged again.

No information on the Malone investigation was available at the time of this story. Police say the only thing that draws a connection between all of the cases is the proximity of the crimes. Police say they've found no further evidence connecting the incidents.

City Councilman for Ward 2, Zack Reed, says he's never believed in coincidence. "If they are a coincidence, then why 93rd [Street]? What is making 93rd so appetizing to do what you do to these women, then dump their bodies on 93rd?" said Reed.