CLEVELAND -- As the clock ticks to a two-week shutdown of the West Shoreway, many commuters are concerned and upset.

About 33,000 a day must be diverted to allow for two weeks of non-stop shooting of crashes and explosions. The ability to take control of the Shoreway for two weeks will save the movie crew the time and expense of daily set-ups.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald drives from Lakewood. His Plan B is to take I-90 and he says "he's okay with it."

He agrees with movie industry promoters that it's a temporary inconvenience for the greater good of bring jobs, spending and a more permanent movie industry to Greater Cleveland.

The Film Commission's Ivan Schwarz says the Shoreway's closure was essential to bring the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"crew here.

Mayor Frank Jackson had to make the ultimate call to allow this to happen.