CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland man had to be rescued by the Coast Guard this morning and Channel 3 caught the dramatic rescue on video.

Reno Jones was fishing off the East 55th Street Marina pier when he dropped his fishing bucket into the water. He thought he could climb down the ladder on the side of the pier to get it, but the ladder was so rusted, it broke and he fell in.

Some of the ladders around the East 55th pier have rusted metal rungs. Other places along the pier have newer ladders, already suffering some rust damage.

For now, it's the responsibility of the Ohio Parks Department to maintain these ladders along the lakefront. But in June, the Cleveland Metroparks will take over maintenance.

Jones doesn't know how to swim.

After the ladder broke and he fell into the water, his friends jumped into action when they saw his head was a few feet under water.

Our cameras were rolling as the Coast Guard arrived and was able to pull the stranded fisherman out of the water to safety.