CLEVELAND -- Clevelanders are accustomed to seeing city-owned-and-operated surveillance cameras downtown.

But they are also coming to Cleveland neighborhoods.

Mayor Frank Jackson joined Councilman Eugene Miller to announce the first 11 security surveillance cameras going online in Ward 10.

Miller aggressively worked to bring the cameras to his ward as a crime-fighting tool and a way to solve crimes.

The cameras are being installed at 11 intersections, mainly on Euclid and St. Clair avenues.

They keep watch on a full 360-degree circumference and live pictures can be monitored during special events.

Owners of a nearby restaurant, Janelle's, praised the extra security as a crime deterrent.

Miller said the cameras would help in a community where many follow the "no snitch" rule of being unwilling to talk to police if they witness crimes.

Cameras will eventually be placed around the city, subject to plans submitted by council members.

The cameras are in addition to new traffic cameras that are coming that also have surveillance capability.