Two crews of moviemakers are in Cleveland right now so it seems everyone wants to "bee" in Cleveland right now and the bees were ready for their close-up Friday afternoon.

Filming for both "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" with Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Evans, along with"Draft Day" with Kevin Costner, is going on along the shores of Lake Erie.

The staff at Houlihan's Restaurant & Bar at Tower City Center was amazed at theswarm of bees outside the restaurant so we sent WKYCPhotojournalist Carl Bachtel to check it out.

Bachtel, who is also known for his on-air segments of Outdoors with Big Daddy on Channel 3, found about 1,000 bees wrapped around a lightpole outside Houlihan's, with others swarming nearby.

A "honeybee removal and relocation service" called Rick's Bee Removal Service took care of the swarm.

Bee careful out there!Check out thevideo