CLEVELAND -- In an early afternoon news conference Friday, Cleveland Traffic Commissioner James Muhic told reporters that Friday morning's traffic jamcaused by closing the West Shoreway was "...a little worse than we expected..."

Muhic said his department estimated that the morning rush hour communte with the West Shoreway closed was about an hour and 15 minutes longer than usual.

Muhic says the situation will get better starting next week when driver's won't have to deal with Friday's Cleveland Horseshoe Casino celebration on Public Square and the Superior Avenue construction will be completed.

Muhic suggests that more drivers stay off Detroit Avenue if possible and use the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, Interstate 90 or even take Interstate 480 to I-71.

In the heart of the main detour is the City of Lakewood.

Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers said he has gotten a lot of calls and emails regarding the traffic Friday morning.

Summers says he supports the decision to close the West Shoreway for filming for two weeks but wants to see a full accounting of the benefits to Cleveland and the surrrounding areas.