CHARDON -- The families of the teens killed in the Chardon High School shootings are back in court Friday.

They are suing United Way, the organization in charge of the Chardon Healing Fund.

Todd McKenney, their attorney, says filing suit wasn't an easy choice for the families to make.

He added that the families of Danny Parmetor, Demetrius Hewlin and Russell King Jr had no choice after being cut off from the funds that were raised.

According to court documents, of the $952,000 that was raised, less than $150,000 went to the families of the teens killed.

United Way has responded by saying that the families weren't the only ones to benefit from the fund.

They say the fund financed trauma support and mental health for the overall community, as well as a school security officer.

The remaining money in the fund was frozen at the last court appearance. Both sides will be presenting evidence to the judge.