LORAIN -- Nearly 200 flyers were passed around South Lorain Thursday in hopes of finding 23-year-old Angeliz Rivera Medina, a young mother of two, who family members believe may have been kidnapped by an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Among those who helped with the door-to-door search was Gina DeJesus's father Felix, who says he wants to continue advocating for the families of the missing.

"When mine went missing back in 2004, I seen a lot of girls that are out there that are missing and they need our help," explained DeJesus. "When I found mine, it gave me more strength and now I'm going out there to also bring back these girls who are missing."

Angeliz Medina has been missing for nearly two weeks, according to family members. Her mother Luz traveled nearly2,000 miles from Puerto Rico overnight to file a missing persons report with police.

"She's very kind, a perfect mother for her kids," described Medina. "I just can't take it because I know that's not her."

Medina fears her daughter's ex-boyfriend, who previously tried to kidnap her, may have something to do with her recent disappearance.

"This guy took the phone off her. He said 'no she's going whenever I say so. When I get tired I'm going to get rid of her,'" she recalled during her last phone conversation with her daughter.

"If anybody sees her or this guy please call the police we want her back we want her home with her kids."