KENT -- Outgoing Ohio State President Gordon Gee saidhe plans on moving just across the OSU Oval to the law building after resigning.

Gee's legacy at OSU is filled with impressive achievements and verbal gaffes.

He helped to elevate the quality of academics and was a money-making machine, but will be remembered by some for his missteps in verbiage.

Gee made off-base remarks about the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Polish military and the SEC.

Most recently it was a comment about Notre Dame and Catholics that landed him in hot water.

In reference to why the Fighting Irish couldn't join the Big 10, Gee said, "the fathers are holy on Sunday and they're holy hell the rest of e week. You can't trust those damn Catholics."

Shortly after his apology for the comment, Gee abruptly announced his retirement.

Now with under a month left as OSU president, he continues on a "farewell tour.

He's made stops in Amherst at a local bakery, the West Side Market in Cleveland, and a popcorn shop in Kent.

The university is paying for the trip that Gee says is "like a victory lap."