CLEVELAND -- Hundreds of cyclists braved the heat to ride for a good cause Sunday.

Some of them rode from Cleveland State Universityto the University of Akron, and back again!

It was for the third annual Ride United Bike Tour.

Proceeds go to support United Way programs in Cleveland and Akron, but as the CEOtells us, it's about more than just fundraising.

"This event is important top us for two reasons. One, because we raise a little bit of money, but more importantly because we promote our health activities," said United Way President & CEO Bill Kitson. "We really need to have a healthy community and everybody getting out and riding a bike on a nice great day like this is something that is important to United Way."

There were different distance options for the ride. You could ride the whole 100 miles,or ride 12, 40, or 80 as the course was set up.

The event raised about $50,000 for United Way.