AKRON -- Teaching children good habits at an early age is so important.

But how about having the kids take those good habits they learn and teach the rest of us?

A program in Akron does just that.

181 pre-schoolers at the Shaw Jewish Community Center of Akron are now involved in the Discover CATCH program.

"CATCH is about relationships," says Lori Bernstein, Director of Early Childhood and Children Services JCC. "It's about our relationship with ourselves. It's about how we work with each other. It's about how we work with our environment and our community."

CATCH stands for the Coordinated Approach to Child Health. The JCC of Akron initiated it just last year and was one of the first in the country to do so.

"We work with them in the gardens 'Ha'achalat Re'evim,' feeding the hungry, we work with the value-- 'Shmirat Haguf,' which is taking care of our bodies so that we can be productive learners and participants in the community," Bernstein continues.

Discover CATCH promotes healthy eating and physical activity and teaches little ones how to be healthy for a lifetime.

"Whether it's the meals that we feed them, the activities we do through sports and recreation, the transition into our day camp programming," says Stephanie Davis-Dieringer, Health and Wellness Director at the JCC. "It's woven into absolutely everything they do here at the JCC - whether they know it or not."

There are 7000 members of all ages that belong to Shaw Jewish Community Center -- 80 percent are not Jewish -- they are open to everyone.