CLEVELAND -- Channel 3 investigated why Cuyahoga Community College has 15 vice-presidents at the same time, part-time faculty is increasing.

Across the country according to national stats, administrators have increased about 60 percent in less than 20 years. When talking about taxpayer dollars and increasing tuition, is that the best use of resources?

"It is a question of resources, and how are we best serving students to be successful," says April Freeley, co-chair of Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association.

Freeley also points out that administrators are outpacing tenured faculty now, with many colleges going to part-time faculty. Part- time faculty do not receive benefits. We also noticed that Tri-C has 15 vice presidents and over 20 executive directors.

Cuyahoga Community College released this statement to Channel 3 News:

"While some educational institutions may assign different titles to similar positions, we believe "vice president" provides ease of understanding and comparability to other institutions regionally and nationally. Each of our vice presidents has a clearly defined role that is vitally important to the College and to serving our mission of providing high-quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities and services."