Padua Franciscan High School announced today that its athletic logo, the Padua Bruin, has undergone its fourth makeover since being introduced in 1961.

The new art, which will debut at the start of the fall sports season, was created in an effort to make the logo more versatile for use on uniforms, clothing, print and in digital formats.

The logo was created by 427 Design, LLC of Akron, Ohio, and is consistent with mascot designs currently favored by professional and college teams.

The school announced that the first major application of the new logo will be in August when its emblazoned on the newly refurbished gym floor.

The new logo will be at the center of the gym floor which is being painted as we speak. Here's what it will look like Tommy Hamzik (@BruinsReporter) July 1, 2013

"Our goal was to develop a logo that was uniquely Padua Franciscan, not an adaptation of a design already used by other schools, either on the secondary or university level," Padua's vice president of institutional advancement Jerry Jindra said in a prepared statement.

Another much needed improvement will come to Padua Stadium: A new scoreboard. Here's what the top half will look like Tommy Hamzik (@BruinsReporter) July 1, 2013

The new logo is a trademark of the Parma, Ohio, school.

The new #PaduaBruins logo marks the fourth one in Padua's history. Here's how our Bruin has progressed since 1961 Tommy Hamzik (@BruinsReporter) July 1, 2013

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