CLEVELAND -- Cleanup is underway at the newly renovated West 76th Street tunnel, where vandals spray-painted over the freshly painted walls of the multi-million-dollar beautification project.

Now just hours away from the grand opening of the tunnel connecting the Detroit Shoreway area to Edgewater park, public work crews are working to remove the graffiti.

Despite the recent setback, Detroit Shoreway residents and development officials say they are choosing to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"We're pretty stubborn, we take a lot of pride in the tunnel, take ownership of it the neighborhood," explained Daniel Carcioppolo who lives in Battery Park. "It's gonna be a very good part of our neighborhood and we're going to keep it clean and safe. You can tag it all you want. We're going to paint right over it."

"This is our tunnel and our connection to the park and we know that the community will maintain and help keep this tunnel beautiful," said Jeff Ramsey, the executive director of the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization. "We still need the shoreway as a transportation corridor so this is a safe connection for folks. When they walk through this tunnel, their feet are in the sand at Edgewater Park."