The summer swimming season is now in full swing. This week, people all over Northeast Ohio will head to the beaches and pools.

But how safe is the water you're swimming in?

The Centers for Disease Control tested a number of public pools and found that 58 percent were positive for E. coli, bacteria normally found in the human gut and feces.

Other bacteria that can cause skin rashes was found in 59 percent.

Pools don't put up signs warning of water advisories. Lake Erie's beaches do.

But the naked eye can't really tell if there are warnings in place.

"We check online at the levels of bacteria that are in the water," says Andie Quinn, who frequents Fairport Harbor's beach.

Daily samples are taken at most beaches.

  • Mentor Headlands had the fewest days under advisory last summer with 13
  • Edgewater Beach only had 15 days of high bacteria levels
  • Huntington Beach had 20 days with high bacteria levels
  • Euclid Beach had 38 days of high bacteria levels.

Check the water quality at local beaches

"We've been bringing them since they were babies. We've never had a problem. We usually go home and shower right away," says Quinn.

The CDC suggests:

  • shower before and after you are in a public pool or in any other body of water
  • take bathroom breaks every 60 minutes and wash your hands
  • never ever swallow the water you're swimming in.