KANSAS, Ohio -- TheNational Weather Service confirms that an EFO tornado caused damage in Seneca County Monday evening as partof a severe thunderstorm that moved through the area.

The NWS released the following:

  • Location...1 mile southeast of Kansas
  • date...July 8 2013
  • estimated time...0902 pm EDT
  • maximum ef-scale rating...EF0
  • estimated maximum wind speed...75 mph
  • maximum path width...15 yards
  • path length...100 yards
  • beginning lat/Lon...41.2801n / -83.2700w
  • ending lat/Lon...41.2801n / -83.2700w

A tornado warning was issued by the National Weather Service just after 9 p.m. after multiple storm spottersreported a wall cloud and a funnel cloudnear the ground between Kansas and Bettsville.

The Seneca County Sherrif's department confirms to Channel 3 News there wasa brief touchdown on Township Road 36 just outside of Kansas.

The Seneca County Emergency Management Agency says at least one mobile home had its roof torn off with debris and insulation scattered downwind.

No injuries have been reported.

A WKYC crew at the scene says there is an overturned mobile home with its roof taken off, amid some downed trees near Township Road 36 and Kansas Road.

A mother, father and 10-year-old son lived in the home. They were not injured.