BELLVILLE-- Bellville has seen rain every day for weeks.

Overnight, Route 13 and 97 were closed and local parks were closed due to containmination.

Flood waters have overflowed the banks of the Clear Fork Mohican River, closing some streets and destroying others.

After heavy rain and wind came through Richland county around 4:30 pm Wednesday about 70 percent of residents lost power.

AEP Ohio reported more than 5,000 homes were off the grid. Rain overnight Wednesday created several sinkholes along State Route 13.

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"It just amazes me how quickly I mean you look at asphalt and think its something solid that's got cars and semis driving over it. Just to see the intensity and how it's eaten away, that people just don't understand how dangerous moving water can be," said Irene Carmichael, a trained weather spotter.

Crews tried to stabilize the State Route 13 bridge over the Clear Fork during the day. But a 100 foot tree blocked the route just as it was ready to be reopened to traffic.

It's unclear when the debris will be cleared and the route reopened.

Unlike earlier this week though, the river did not exceed its banks.

"It's rained I think everyday since the 22nd of June. The ground is totally saturated, " said Bellville Mayor Darrell Banks. "If it starts raining west of here, stay out of Bellville. Get home. Don't be driving around."