With temperatures that feel like 100 degrees and stifling humidity,imagine being a firefighter.

They have to wear heavy gearwhile trying to put out fires.

Firefighters are on the "hot seat" about how to stay cool Fighting fires on a normal day can be tough, but on a day like this, with excessive heat, it can be downright brutal.

A firefighter can be in a working fire and perspire more than someone in a normal 48-hour period.

The hot weather becomes an additional threat for firefighters. It puts them at greater risk for heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and, in the worst case, heat stroke.

And its starts right when they get the call for a fire.

Gear weighs 65 pounds and that, in itself, is going to bring that extra heat.

WKYC Meteorologist Marcus Walters got the chance to see what it feels like to put on fire gear in the hot weather And it sure was hot...and that's why the danger is real.

Hot weather can also increase the risk for injuries as it may result in sweaty palms, fogged-up safety gear and dizziness. Burns may also result from firefighters accidentally touching hot surfaces.

But firefighters do have a few tricks of the trade for staying cool and keeping each other safe.

  • First, staying hydrated is key. What theyteach firefighters to do is, whatever you do today, stay hydrated, make sure you drink plenty of fluids
  • Second, wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Third, Take more breaks in extreme heat
  • Fourth,Monitor your physical condition and that of your coworkers. Keep an eye out for one another.