SOUTH BASS ISLAND -- Crossing Lake Erie is the only way to get to Put-In-Bay, but on June 1, two midwives hopped into a boat and did something that hasn't been done here in 34 years.

"Having a baby born on the island is not the normal thing to do since there's no hospitals nearby," says Dustin Heineman, the new father.

Heineman Winery is the oldest, family owned winery in Ohio, celebrating 125 years this year. Eli Edward Hayes Heineman, vintage 2013, has a legacy to learn.

"He will learn it from the ground up, just like I have," his father says.

Mom Kira Hubner grew up on the island. It was her decision to have the baby here.

"My heart wants to be here on Put-In-Bay," Hubner says.

Escape plans were in place but the two midwives from the mainland delivered the baby without a problem.

"it was more than perfect. There was a beautiful rainbow the second he was born," Kira says.

She also understands the impact the birth has on the Heineman name.

"it couldn't have happened to a better family, if we're going to start something like this, you know a legacy," she says.

As the 6th generation Heineman, wine will definitely be part of his life.

"When he was in-utero, I was out in the vineyard picking grapes and in the spring I was tying vines, so hopefully, something is flowing through his veins," she says.