CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland Heights parent is arrested for leaving a child in a hot car.

A Beachwood pet owner is cited for leaving a dog in a car for an extended period of time.

Every heat wave, there are stories that remind us of the extreme dangers of locking children and animals in cars, even for brief periods of time.

Nationwide, 33 children died from heat stroke after being left in hot cars.Twenty-one have died so far this year.

Since 1998, 582 children were killed because of bad parental decisions or forgetfulness leaving them in overheated cars.

Wes Bender of the group Safe Kids says, "Small children, because of their small size, their body temperature can rise much more quickly than that of an adult."

110 degrees can be enough to cause heatstroke in an adult.

In a Thursday experiment, a new thermometer was placed in a car with a dark interior in the Channel 3 parking lot.

In about 24minutes the thermometer registered 143 degrees and then went haywire, apparently burned out.

Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Wardsat inside a car with cracked windows to show what it's like for an animal to be in a similar situation.

Dogs do not sweat.

In 30 minutes, the temperature reached 130 degrees, providing a vivid demonstration and a dogseye view of a potentially lethal situation.