CLEVELAND --Tuesday morning, police identified the third body found in East Cleveland as Shetisha Sheeley, confirming her family's fears.

Sheeley was a 28-year-old woman, close to her mother, brother and sisters in Cleveland.

"I don't know why someone did this to my daughter," said Kimmetta Sheeley.

Shetisha was also a mother with a 12-year-old daughter.

Family members say Sheeley disappeared in September 2012.

Sheeley's mother, Kimmetta Sheeley, says she filed a missing persons report with Cleveland Police that fall.

"She was funny, she was sweet. Loved her siblings, loved her mother," said Minister Tanya Robinson Williams, a friend of the family.

It would not be unusual for Shetisha to spend time in East Cleveland, but her family says they have never heard of accused killer Michael Madison until this week.

In December, Shetisha's brother, Don'Tel Sheeley, was shot and killed by suspects in a home invasion.

Her family became even more concerned for her well-being when Shetisha did not show up for Don'Tel's funeral.

Police say Madison killed Sheeley sometime in the last month, but may have kidnapped her several months before then.

"I just wonder what made [Madison] do that to my sister. It's crazy," said Shetisha's younger sister, Marrisa.

What happened during that time period remains a big question for her family.

This is the second funeral her family has faced in the last seven months, so friends of the Sheeley family are setting up a fund to help offset costs.

Donations can be made to the Benevolent Fund for Shetisha Sheeley, at any First Merit Bank, with deposits going directly to an account. Donations can also be made to First Merit through PayPal.