CLEVELAND - Heavy thunderstorms produced another tornado touchdown in Northeast Ohio Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service confirmed a weak EF0 tornadoin Carroll County at 5:22 p.m. and tracked for 3.2 miles into Columbiana County before dissipating at 5:28 p.m.

Wind were estimatedaround 75 m.p.h. with damageconfined primarily to snapped or uprooted hardwood and softwood trees.

The damage path began at Apollo and Merline Roads in Carroll County wherea grain silo was removed and an open, small barn lost its roof. Also, tree damage was discovered at a residence along Marigold Road where atrampoline was wrapped around a power pole. More tree damage occurred along Nature Road associated with the tornado.

Other straight line wind damage occurred on a one mile path with slate shingles on two barns removed and impaled into the ground, although not directly related to the tornado.

The Weather Service says another downburstoccurred in the vicinity of East Liverpool in Columbiana County where more damage was done to trees in Thompson Park. Two injuries were reported withone from a tree that fell on a vehicle. A second occurred as a driver struck another fallen tree.

So far this season, Ohio has seen 18 tornado touchdowns based on preliminary reports.