CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland City Kennel needs to find loving homes for as many as 30 dogs within days, or they could be lost forever.

A total of 30 dogs could be put down in less than a week if the kennel volunteers cannot find a good home for these rescued dogs.

The city kennel is staffed entirely by volunteers and has rescued over 1,000 dogs since September 2011. In fact, 13 of the kennel's rescues have become trained service dogs, according to a volunteer.

Cleveland's kennel is often mistaken as a part of the Cleveland Animal Protective League, but it is in fact an entirely separate organization.

While the kennel does its best to place its rescued dogs with the APLor find them good homes, manyof the rescuesdo not get that secondlease on life.

Pitbulls are among the most difficult to find homes for because of the stigma attached to the breed.

Theanimal controlvolunteers have tried tirelessly to network and find homes for these canines, but it often takes an entire community and more awareness of the kennel's services to expand the reach of the good it does for Greater Cleveland.

One such rescue dog in need of a home immediately is a young female pitbull mix named Koda. She is so skinny that her ribs are showing. Volunteers who have screened her say she is between 2 and 3 years old and only about 45 to 50 pounds.

Koda is a happy, friendly dog who loves toys. She was smiling and wagging her tail throughout her entire behavioral and health assessments. However, her previous owner tried to dock her tail and botched it, but she still wags the small stump of tail she has left! She is easily excited and focuses very closely on single things at one time (like a toy, volunteers said).

Koda is best suited for a family with a mellow dog who doesn't mind her anxious energy. She needs a good home to get healthy again.

Koda is just one of 13 dogs that need to be adopted before the morning of Friday, August 2.

To view pictures of Koda and all of her friends in need of help right now, please click the link below. Note: You need to have a Facebook account in order to view the photo gallery.


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Cleveland Animal Control a.k.a the City of Cleveland Kennel is located at 2690 W. 7th St. in Cleveland. Public hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.