GAHANNA, Ohio -- It's an arrest that surprised even police.

It happened near Columbus when authorities say Dale Bentley took off after they tried to pull him over earlier this month.

Gahanna Police say they were trying to figure out if the 39-year-old driver was drunk when Bentley did something they've never seen before -- he danced his way through the field sobriety test.

Police say Bentley initially got their attention on Granville Street when he was driving 15 mph above the speed limit.

When they tried to pull him over, he allegedly continued driving, stopped at a red light, sat through its cycle and continued going.

When Bentley did stop, authorities say he appeared confused.

As officers tried to confirm their suspicion that Bentley was intoxicated, he began dancing.

The dashcam video has gained lots of interest online, but officers say it's no laughing matter.

Bentley was eventually arrested with a blood alcohol level that police say was three times the legal limit.

He's now facing several charges including drunk driving, fleeing from officers and speeding.