CLEVELAND -- Ricarda Pierce, Kenya's mother pleaded with her daughter's kidnapping suspect, "Derrick Hudson, wherever you are please let my daughter go. I love my daughter, she hasn't done anything to you and she has a son. Please let my daughter go, please don't harm my daughter."

Police are continuing their search for 35-year-old Derrick Hudson. Hudson reportedly shot his aunt and uncle on Saturday, before kidnapping 35-year-old Kenya Pierce at gunpoint.

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Hudson served 10 years in prison for killing Kenya's boyfriend and was released on parole just this year.

Hudson's aunt, 52-year-old Ethel Munds has been released from the hospital and 55-year-old Andre Munds remains in stable condition.

Family, friends, and police are asking for help and pleading that Hudson lets her go.

"I never liked him, he's disturbed mentally, violently. He physically hit her before. He thinks if he can't have her then he doesn't want nobody to have her," said Ricarda Pierce.

Family members say she has a star tattoo on her arm and a scar on her forehead.

Her mother said, "I love her, wherever she is at, and I'm thinking about her and praying about her. I just hope she's alright."