AKRON -- On Monday, Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walshintroduced Avery II, the Summit County prosecutor's office facility dog.

Avery is a specially trained 2-year-old Labrador-golden retriever mix who helps crime victims and witnesses overcome their fears and stress that often result from participating in a criminal case.

Avery II's Facebook Page

"The criminal justice system can cause what is known as 'secondary victimization' to people who have already been traumatized. Children and people with disabilities can be especially fearful of talking about a traumatic situation in front of a courtroom full of strangers. Even coming to our office to talk with a prosecutor can be scary," Walsh said. "Avery is specially trained to soothe victims so that they can clearly communicate what they've been through."

Avery was trained and provided by Canine Companions for Independence at no cost. All of his food, grooming and other supplies are being donated by Pet Supplies Plus.

His veterinary care is provided free of charge by Stow Kent Animal Hospital.