A lot of folks are enjoying a Labor Day cookout right now, maybe even taking the Innerbelt Bridge to get there.

Butdid you know this is the last Labor Day you'll be able to take that current bridge?

Channel 3's Stephanie Coueignoux takes a look at what's next for Cleveland drivers andthe detours we'll be dealing with for a while.

After years of discussion, Phase 1 of the Innerbelt Bridge Project is now just a few months away from becoming reality.

And so far, everything is pretty much on time.

ODOT is on a pace toopen the bridge to traffic in late November. Once the phase 1 bridge is done, drivers going both ways on I-90 will use it.

And that brings us to phase 2.

First ODOT willdemolish the existing bridge and build a new sister bridge in its place. ODOT should have a team in place sometime in September. They're anticipating a three-year project that could maybe finish sooner.

That brings us to 2016 when there will be 2 bridges -- one for westbound traffic and one for eastbound traffic.