North Olmsted -- One North Olmsted High School student got the surprise of his life Tuesday.

Zac Alberty thought he was in trouble for something big.

But what he did had caught the Browns' attention -- he volunteered.

"He is giving back to the community on his free time. So that speaks volumes for him as a young man growing up that he is still able to enjoy his time in high school and give back to the community at the same time," said Browns Linebacker Craig Robertson.

Zac joined Youth Challenge, an organization that allows him to interact with children. He joined because of teacher in seventh grade.

"I go to YC and just hang out with the kids. We play basketball and all sorts of sports, go swimming, just do a lot of awesome things there," says Alberty.

During his time volunteering Zac has shattered a record of community service with 309 hours.

"I didn't start in high school so he has a leg up on me," added Robertson.

Zac is glad he was able to help his community.

"Nothing is going to hold you back from (volunteering). You might meet a couple of people, make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun."

It's a step in the right direction that has come full circle with unexpected gifts from the Browns, including an autographed ball, jersey and tickets to the home opener.

"My dad is not going to believe me, and I'm going to show him everything, and he will be like 'OK,' " says Alberty.