CLEVELAND -- Since the horror story created by Ariel Castro began unfolding four months ago, Castro's uncle, Julio Castro, has been the most public and candid relative.

He reminds all that Castro's suicide is more than a big news story.

"He's got a mother. He's got sisters. He's got daughters. He's got brothers, and he's got a son," he said.

He is not surprised that Castro could not face the overwhelming sentence of life plus 1,000 years for his unspeakable crimes against three women victims.

"Sooner or later, I think he had to ... he was given a nonsense penalty ... this is a show they put up," he said.

He thinks his troubled nephew tried to seem normal.

"He was always able to keep his feeling inside. No one knew what was inside of him," he said.

As for the latest disturbing development, he said, "It's another page. Hopefully, it's the last page."