CLEVELAND -- Investigatorshope imaging specialists at NASA Glenn Research Center can enhance security video of two suspectedhate crimes outside of a gay bar on the city's west side.

Cleveland police arrested a 13-year old boy Saturday, for the Friday nightattack on gay patrons atCocktails Cleveland bar on Detroit Avenue.

Ric Scardino, 58, says he was outside on the bar'spatio, when a group of about 8-10 teens began hurling rocks at patrons and yelling gay slurs.

"A big rock came in, and that's when I got angry," said Scardino. He chased after the teens, who he says, doubled back, and were armed with sticks and a broom.

Surveillance video from the bar captured the incident. No one was injured.

Scardino says when he pulled out his mace from his pants pocket, the teens mistook it for a gun, and ran away.

It was the second suspected hate crime at the bar in a week's time.

Jared Fox, 25, of New York City, was beaten by a group of young men, who he says yelled gay slurs at him. Surveillance video also captured the incident, but the images are not clear.

Investigators hope the enhanced video will help them identify more suspects.

The pairof incidents is now being reported by news outlets around the world. The news comes at an especially bad time, as Cleveland is preparing to host the 2014 International Gay Games next August.

A spokesperson for Mayor Frank Jackson says Cleveland Police have stepped up patrols around the area of Detroit Avenue and West 93rd Street.

Ward 16 City Councilman Jay Westbrook says the city's actions will combat any negative publicity.

"The city of Cleveland will be judged by the actions already taken -- the arrests, all the way to prosecution," he said.

Westbrook says investigators are close to identifying the other teens in last Friday's incident, but no arrests have yet been made for the beating of Jared Fox.