Big emotional moment on Howard Stern's show: Longtime sidekick Robin Quivers revealed she is "cancer free" after a 15-month battle with the disease in her uterus.

"I thought she was a goner," said the ever-indelicate Stern, onMonday morning's Howard Stern Show on XM Sirius radio.

Quivers, 61, who's been broadcasting the show remotely for more than a year, revealed that she had gone through radiation, chemotherapy and two surgeries to fight the cancer that started in the endometrial tissue of her uterus.

She said her doctors told her three months ago she's "cured."

Even as she was being treated, Quivers continued to work from home, missing only two days on the air.

"It never occurred to me not to be on the air," Quivers said. "When I was on the air, I was pain-free."

Stern said doing the show helped Quivers cope.

The headline on the show website: "Robin the Survivor: Robin finally opens up about what kept her out of the studio for more than a year."


By Maria Puente, USA Today