CLEVELAND -- Businesses in Cleveland's Cudell neighborhood have seen a significant drop in crime, thanks to a network of surveillance cameras along Madison Avenue.

"In the last year, we've had a 60 percent drop in crime," says Birgit Hilliard, from Cudell Improvement, Inc., a non-profit community group.

Merchants purchased the cameras, with the help of funds from Cudell Improvement, which helped to coordinate the areas for thecameras to monitor.

Morethan 50 cameras now cover a 1.25-mile stretch of Madison Avenue.

The cameras are credited for thecapture of a masked robber, who was caught on video as hetook off his mask.

While some neighbors complain about Big Brother watching, local businesses said the investment in the cameras is worth it.

Tim Bozac, owner of North Coast Rent-a-wreck, said the cameras helped him stop 6 separate burglaries in the last year. Bozac is able to monitor his businessfrom home, by accessing his surveillance cameras fromhome.

He says police can't be everywhere.

"You're going to have to take thingsinto your own hands to protect your business," Bozac said.