PERRY TOWNSHIP -- It was anything but your normal high speed chase after police in Perry Township watched 73-year-old William Wackerly fly right through a red light.

Wackerly was going so fast it took officers several minutes just to catch up.

At times the chase hit speeds of over 80-miles an hour.

On the tape you can see several times where Wackerly swerves across the double yellow line.

He then cuts through several residential neighborhoods.

And as quickly as the chase began, it was all over. Officers found Wackerly simply sitting in a drive-through of a local bank.

It turns out police in Perry Township are very familiar with Wackerly from his previous arrests, including breaking and entering and arson. But this one was a little different.

As he was being arrested, officers asked why he was going so fast. His excuse? He claims he was simply late for breakfast

Tonight Wackerly remains behind bars on a 25-thousand dollar bond.

He faces several charges including felony charges for failing to comply with a police order to stop.