GARFIELD HEIGHTS -- Officials sayState Auditor David Yost announced that the state is releasingGarfield HeightsThursday to release the city from fiscal emergency status.

The Garfield Heights Financial Planning and Supervision Commission, Garfield Heights City Council, Mayor Vic Collova and other state and local officials were with Yost at the Garfield Heights Civic Center.

"This is something we worked very hard to achieve," said Mayor Vic Collova. "Employees and residents sacrificed a lot to get the city back into solid financial shape."

Finance Director Ron Tomola said personnel cuts that included downsizing departments, administrative pay cuts, union concessions and the addition of a garbage collection fee helped lift the city from fiscal emergency.

The Garfield Heights fiscal emergency was declared in October, 2008, following a fiscal analysis by the state auditor's Local Government Services office.

Once a city is placed into fiscal emergency, a commission is appointed by the state to help the city regain financial stability. The commission is responsible for approving a plan that details solutions for eliminating the emergency and strategies to avoid future deficits.